Boundary Stone Partners provides advisory and financial services to energy companies and investors.

First, we provide business development opportunities and create unique partnerships that generate new revenue. We advise on public policy and energy technology. 

Second, we have an investment bank practice that sources capital to energy companies and projects.

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  • Assisted with the development of multi-billion dollar LNG export projects in the United States, and assisted with the development of a major LNG export terminal outside of the United States.

  • Advised a major solar developer on a state policy issue.

  • Provided unique market insights to a major financial service firm that has invested billions of dollars in energy.

  • Provided strategic counsel to an advocacy organization that resulted in the suspension of a major federal rule-making initiative.

  • We formed a joint venture between three firms to reduce solar customer acquisition costs.

  • We developed a partnership between SunEdison and NASCAR to market solar to their 100 million fans.

  • Helped launch a major nuclear energy advocacy campaign supported by energy thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and philanthropists.

  • Developed a partnership between a growth stage technology company and a major international energy conference to market our client’s product. 

  • Advised executives with the world's largest renewable energy company on strategies to increase deal flow and develop new markets.

  • Generated business development opportunities by securing a major municipal market opportunity for an Internet of Things (IoT) company that uses LED streetlights to create a citywide IoT platform. 

  • Worked with a grid-scale energy storage company to expand their project pipeline and develop strategic alliances.

  • Helped scale up an energy efficiency finance startup that is solving the problem of access to capital for medium-sized energy efficiency projects.