Boundary Stone Partners is an advisory firm that helps develop business opportunities with the federal government, energy industry, and investment community.  Our founders served as the two most recent Chiefs of Staff at the United States Department of Energy. Our Partners have managed the federal government’s renewable energy and energy efficiency research efforts, developed federal policy, and raised capital for energy projects and companies. 

Collectively, our team has experience working in the White House; the Departments of Energy, Interior, and Labor; and both houses of Congress including offices of Senate Majority leader and chairman of U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources.

Our firm has a unique blend of relationships and substantive expertise in government, energy, international relations, and finance.  We managed the DOE during a historic time that included transformative energy technology developments; an unprecedented Recovery Act investment of over $30 billion; and high profile challenges including the Gulf Oil Spill, Fukushima nuclear accident, and Hurricane Sandy response.


Our namesake

history of the boundary stones

In 1791, Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson instructed Major Andrew Ellicott to survey the ten-square miles that would become Washington, DC. Ellicott and his team placed a series of boundary stones to demarcate the border of the nation’s capital. The boundary stones marked where Washington intersected with the rest of the world and were essential for those attempting to navigate early Washington. 

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Brandon Hurlbut | Co-Founder & Partner

Brandon Hurlbut is a co-founder and partner of Boundary Stone Partners. He previously served as Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary Steven Chu at the U.S. DOE, where he managed the Department's principal initiatives and oversaw day-to-day operations of a federal agency with a $29 billion budget and a 115,000 person workforce.

Brandon provided leadership and counsel to the White House and Cabinet Secretaries during high profile challenges including the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, the Gulf oil spill, and Hurricane Sandy. He served on the board for DOE's $38 billion investment fund in clean energy, which is the largest of its kind in the world. He began working in the Obama Administration by serving in the White House as the Deputy Director of Cabinet Affairs, serving as the President's liaison to the Departments of Agriculture, Transportation, Interior, Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. He previously served in senior positions on Barack Obama's first presidential campaign and practiced law at Baker & Daniels.

Brandon currently serves on the following advisory boards: GE Energy, DuSable Capital Management, California Global Innovation Exchange, and The Solutions Project.  He is a member of the board of directors to SparkFund and PrairieGold Solar Holdings.  He serves as a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress; a member of the Sierra Club Clean Tech Council and advisor to the SfunCube. 

Jeff Navin | Co-Founder & Partner

Jeff Navin is a co-founder and partner at Boundary Stone Partners. Jeff has served at the highest levels of the federal government. As the Acting Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff at the United States Department of Energy, he helped manage the Department’s energy research, deployment, environmental management, and national security missions.

He previously served as Deputy Chief of Staff at the U.S. Department of Labor during the labor market crisis in 2009, and served as a Chief of Staff to Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin in the United States Congress.  He served as Research Director to the Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, worked as the Washington Director of the consulting firm American Environics, and practiced law at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP. 

A recognized expert on energy, government and public opinion, Jeff has been quoted by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Bloomberg, Greenwire, and E&E News.  Jeff received his B.A. from the University of South Dakota, and his J.D. from the Georgetown University Law Center.  He is currently a Visiting Senior Fellow at Third Way, and serves on the Board of Advisors to Spark Fund and Prairie Gold Solar Holdings.

Mike Carr | Partner

Mike Carr is a partner at Boundary Stone Partners. He served as the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and the Senior Advisor to the Director of Energy Policy and Systems Analysis.  He was a member of the leadership team advising the Secretary on clean energy policy and deployment, in addition to being a guiding force on the R&D and deployment agenda within EERE.

Since 1996, Mr. Carr has advised on law and policy both inside and outside of government, with a particular specialization in environment and natural resources law. Prior to serving the President at DOE, Mike served as Senior Counsel to the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources from 2004 to June 2012. There, his portfolio primarily focused on technology development programs and financing and early commercialization of emergent clean energy and energy efficiency technologies. In that influential role, he conceived of, drafted, and guided through Congress a number of incentive programs and laws that now direct major Department of Energy programs. Prominent examples include the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Program (used by Tesla, Ford, and Nissan to significantly expand US manufacturing of cutting-edge vehicles), and the L-Prize (which helped catalyze the commercial introduction of consumer LED light bulbs), among other programs.

In private practice, Mr. Carr specialized in litigation involving NEPA, the Clean Air Act, and the Clean Water Act. He managed environmental and appropriations issues for Representative David Skaggs (D-CO) until 1998, then worked in the Solicitor's Office of the Department of the Interior through 2002. He holds a law degree from Lewis and Clark College and a Bachelor's from the University of Colorado – Boulder.

brendan bell | vice president

Brendan is a Vice President at the firm where he works with clients to develop and finance clean energy projects.  In particular, Brendan leverages his experience with federal credit programs to assist clients in developing fundraising strategies that include both private and public sources of capital.  

Brendan has nearly 15 years of experience working on clean energy policy and deployment in both the public and private sector, including serving as a Legislative Assistant for U.S. Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ).  He holds an undergraduate degree from Macalester College and earned his Master of Public Management (MPM) from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Prior to joining Boundary Stone Partners, Brendan was the Director of Strategic Initiatives at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Loan Programs Office (LPO), which provides senior debt through the innovative energy project loan guarantee program and the Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing loan program.  In this role, he helped manage LPO’s more than $32 billion loan portfolio and led business development efforts to secure new loan applications for more than $40 billion of remaining loan authority for innovative clean energy projects and advanced vehicle manufacturing projects.


Kendra Kostek joined the firm two years ago with the founding partners. She handles the logistics to keep the company running effectively, as well as research and organizational support. Before her time at the firm, she interned at Airports Council International North America in Washington DC for the Environmental Affairs Director. She assisted the Director with federal policy research, organizing conferences and in writing the biennial environmental report as well as the annual environmental achievement awards. She previously interned at the United Association's Political and Legislative Affairs DC office where she assisted with research related to energy policy. 

Kendra graduated from the School of International Service at American University in 2012. Before graduating she studied and lived for one year in Warsaw, Poland where she developed a passion for environmental and energy policy.

allie ladwig | executive assistant

Allie Ladwig joined Boundary Stone Partners in the fall of 2015. She handles scheduling and various administrative work for the firm.  Before joining the firm, she spent time as a legislative intern for a Representative in the United States Congress.

Allie graduated from the University of Michigan in 2015 with a B.A. in Political Science.   

Rene Usher | Senior advisor

Rene Usher assists the firm in sourcing clients, assessing deal opportunities and executing transactions. Ms. Usher has over twenty years in private equity and investment banking experience. Prior to co-founding current firm, Charlotte, NC-based Dragonfly Capital, in 2000, she was a Director of Investment Banking at Bass Securities in Charlotte and The Robinson-Humphrey Company in Atlanta. Rene’s sector experience in energy and renewables will be valuable to the Boundary Stone team.