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Nuclear power is another area for compromise. While Republicans resist carbon-dioxide caps to slow climate change, some may support spending or policies targeted at encouraging nuclear power, which doesn’t release carbon dioxide when generating electricity, to help states comply with pending climate rules from the Environmental Protection Agency.
— Jeff Navin

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We really take for granted that the light comes on when we flip the switch.
— Jeff Navin

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Ernie Moniz is one of the few high-level public officials that actually knows what it takes to build a nuclear weapon
— Jeff Navin


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Departing DOE Chiefs of Staff Start Firm | 06/13/13 | READ FULL ARTICLE

Brandon and Jeff have led the Department through many challenges and transitions,” Moniz wrote in a memo to agency staff yesterday. “Their leadership has been invaluable to the Department and the Administration. I am personally thankful for their pivotal role in shepherding my confirmation process, and in particular for delaying their departures to continue to help me with the transition in these first few weeks.
— Ernie Moniz

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That built on Chu’s efforts, said Brandon Hurlbut, Chu’s former Chief of Staff, who now consults on energy-sector investing. But Chu also had to focus on carrying out a new president’s priorities and rolling out billions of stimulus dollars.
— Brandon Hurlbut

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It’s not a question as to whether or not there’s going to be distributed generation. The question is how can regulators and utilities work to come up with a business model that allows the utilities to earn revenue and make a profit to remain viable and stable, but also deal with the reality that consumers want choice when it comes to their energy.
— Jeff Navin

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When I first met Leilani at Daytona I was inspired by her passion for using her voice as a race driver to get the word out about the important of renewable energy.
— Brandon Hurlbut

Community Radio for Northern Colorado

A Call for Outreach at Rocky Mountain Energy Summit | 08/09/13 | READ FULL ARTICLE

It seems to be this big fight between renewable energy and fossil fuels. The future of energy is going to be very different than that. The pie is going to grow and there’s going to be lots of room for new entrants and new players.
— Jeff Navin

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