Since Boundary Stone Partners launched in the summer of 2013, we have worked with more than 50 companies in sectors as diverse as renewable energy and commercial space flight.  Our clients include some of the most established names in global business, as well as some of the most exciting startup companies in the country.

We help our clients see opportunities, navigate hurdles, and we deliver specific results to further our clients’ business or policy interests.  Our approach to each client is bespoke, but it builds off of our decades of experience in solving public policy and communications challenges. Below are examples of how we deliver for our clients.



BSP helped Third Way, a public policy think tank, launch the first national advocacy campaign for advanced nuclear technologies. This work included identification of key policy changes to accelerate the development of advanced nuclear reactor technologies, a public campaign to raise awareness of the technology among thought leaders, and support for specific legislative and regulatory efforts.  As a result, the first ever White House Summit on Advanced Nuclear occured, the Department of Energy made significant changes to the way it supports advanced nuclear research and development, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission changed the way it treats advanced nuclear companies, and advanced nuclear legislation attracted bipartisan support and passed both the House and Senate with overwhelming margins.  These efforts have unlocked millions of dollars for advanced nuclear companies, streamlined the licensing process, and will allow the United States to provide affordable, reliable clean energy solutions around the world.



Relativity is a commercial space flight startup that is 3D printing orbital rockets. Boundary Stone Partners created and executed a strategic government affairs and communications plan to help transition Relativity out of stealth mode and to create partnership opportunities with the federal government. As a result, Relativity was the only startup selected to serve on the White House National Space Council’s User Advisory Group, and was the only commercial space flight company to testify alongside Space X at a key US Senate hearing on issues directly related to their business. In addition, we worked with Relativity to complete a 20-year deal with NASA that gives the company exclusive access to the E-4 test facility at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, saving the company crucial time and money to bring their technology to market. As a result of Relativity’s higher public profile and access to critical testing infrastructure, sales opportunities have multiplied and the company’s latest fundraising series was oversubscribed.


Charge EVerywhere California Coalition


In 2017, Electrify America proposed a $200 million investment plan with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to facilitate the rapid deployment of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in California.  We created the “Charge EVerywhere California Coalition” with a number of electric vehicle charging infrastructure companies to ensure approval of the investment plan. This included coordinating public comments and testimony in front of CARB, coordinating direct advocacy with California policymakers, and development and implementation of a strategic communications plan focusing on earned and social media.  Although the investment plan faced opposition from competitors, CARB ultimately approved the plan, creating hundreds of millions of dollars in new business opportunities for the coalition members.

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