Our Vision

The clean energy revolution is underway and it will spur over $1 trillion in investment every year for the next three decades.

This transformation is  shaped by rapid technology innovation, new government regulations, and emerging markets. The pathway forward will not always be clear and it will require innovators, investors, and governments to work together to achieve success. 

Boundary Stone Partners thrives in this environment by harnessing our unique expertise in clean technology, public policy, and finance. We help our clients raise capital, understand emerging trends, and build relationships that create new business opportunities. Whether it is bringing solar to racetracks, sourcing low-cost government debt to improve returns, or helping projects navigate murky regulatory and policy environments, our firm finds new ways to deliver results for our clients.

We help our clients create new business development opportunities and establish unique partnerships. We also advise clients on energy technology, regulated energy markets and public policy issues at the federal and local level.